December 2016

This Quarter Horse mare was found in the pasture with a sever de-gloving injury to her hind cannon bone. Due to the extensive swelling and wound contamination the injury coulf not be repaired initially using traditional suture placement. Instead, we used extensive laser therapy incorporating a blue light (kills and reduces bacteria) and red light (reduces inflammation and swelling pain) to try and get the wound reduced in size and decrease contamination so that some suture could be placed in the future to support wound healing.

December 20 – Theses photos were taken 16 hours post laser treatment. Notice the swelling is reduced by almost 70% as a result of the
laser treatments.

December 21 – Three days post injury. No sign of bacterial infection so the wound was sutured using stents to try and oppose tissue so healing
would be easier. The laser worked great at preventing the wound from getting infected.

January 5 – Sutures have aided in healing and wound closure as hoped.

January 20 – Sutures removed – notice how small the wound has become and that no swelling exists.