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Equine Health Information

This is the website for the American Associatation of Equine Practitioners. It contains lots of information on all aspects of horse husbandry including webinars, videos and a newsletter that you can sign up for.

The Horse
Your guide to equine health care.

Referral Equine Hospitals

Galbreath Equine Center – OSU – Columbus, OH
Considered one of the finest equine hospitals in the world, Ohio State’s Galbreath Equine Center offers state-of-the-art, comprehensive diagnosis and care of all horse breeds and disciplines.

Equine Specialty Hospital of Burton, OH
The Equine Specialty Hospital is proud to provide veterinarians, horse owners, trainers, and enthusiasts the best in specialized equine veterinary medicine. The hospital is among the best equipped facilities in the country with a full array of diagnostic modalities including MRI, CT, Nuclear Scintigraphy, Digital Radiography, Digital Ultrasonography and Endoscopy. The facility has a fully equipped in-house laboratory, 27 stalls, isolation facility, neonatal intensive care unit, treatment rooms, and two surgical suites. A new rehabilitation and conditioning center equipped with therapeutic laser, cold compression machine, and a water treadmill was completed in 2012.

Brown Equine Hospital, Somerset, PA
We are a full service equine hospital providing high quality care for your equine companion. Brown Equine Hospital provides a comprehensive list of services from diagnostic capabilities to specialized surgical procedures. Our highly trained staff stands ready 24/7 to help you provide the best possible care for your equine needs.


General Services

Kiski Kitten and Cat Rescue
Kiski Valley Cat & Kitten Rescue is a no-kill cat shelter that became a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation in 2000. Also in 2000, we acquired the use of several acres of land with three buildings for the beginnings of a shelter. Whether you are looking for a very young kitten, a teenager, a young adult cat, or a senior cat, KVCKR is sure to have a cat or two for you! Our cats and kittens are housed in 4 buildings in a mostly cage free, home-like environment, which aids in the adoption process. Being free to run around a room or an entire building allows our cats/kittens true personalities to be more easily determined by both our volunteers and our adopters.

Dogs With No Names
Even when we cannot see them, we know they are there. someitmes in the light of day we catcha glimpse of them furtively looking at us and moving to unknown destinations. They seem to be in a place where only teh present matters, oblivious to their surroundings. Their eyes tell us that yesterday is forgotten and tomorrow does not yet exist. They are the dogs with no names, and they roam the reserve lands of North America. There are millions of them. They are unwanted, and they know it.

The Horse

Susie’s Pony Rides
Pony rides for birthday parties and all occasions. Your house or at the farm.

Look up Tattoo’s

Use the Jockey Club website to look up your thoroughbreds Tattoo and history.

Green Mountain Cremation Services

Thousand Hills Crematorium
Thousand Hills is an Equine Crematory located in Western PA and serving PA and the surrounding states. 724.355.8296 Service Provides, Removal from your farm or equine hospital, Whole Horse Cremation, Elegant oak urn with engraved nameplate, Cremation/Memorial certificate, Delivery of the urn back to you